UFO Sightings dashboard in Streamlit

I built a Streamlit dashboard using UFO reported sightings in Canada data, and boy was it ex-Stream-ly lit. I saw a fast moving object in the sky the other night and assumed that it was a meteoroid but was wondering if there was a place where you can report sightings. After a quick google search I found a site to report sightings that also has publicly available data for many years (thanks The NATIONAL UFO Reporting Center Online Database). The date and time data was very messy so I ignored that column and focused more on location, shape and comments observed.

The dashboard can be viewed with the following link. https://share.streamlit.io/tylerfroh/ufo-data/main/Main.py

Frequent words: I first looked at the most common two and three letter words in people’s comments. Many people mentioned lights and objects, which was expected.

Sightings map: I then mapped the sightings that used ‘fuzzy’ matching on UFO location to some free lat and long Canadian data I was able to find.

Most likely places to view a UFO: Using the population and density from the geo data, I was able to calculate the most likely locations where you would see a UFO using the following formula.

UFO Sightings Factor: City sightings frequency / (Population/density)

The top location was Sidney, BC with 16 UFO sightings.

Keyword search for comments: A keyword search was created to look up words in the comments section. I noticed there was a lot of comments regarding ‘going out for a smoke and saw..’

Frequency of UFO sightings shapes: Lastly a bar chart was created to show the counts of UFO shapes that were reported. Light and circle were the most popular.

GitHub: https://github.com/tylerfroh/UFO-data


Canada long /latitude data


UFO sightings database

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